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Notes from Nancy

May 2019

May 26

The 6th Sunday of Easter

This week we celebrate the Sixth Sunday of Easter.   The First Reading contains the most pressing issue of the early Faith Communities – do Gentiles need to become Jews in order to follow Jesus? The newly formed structure of Church decides that Gentile believers must observe dietary laws, avoid idolatry, and marriage is...
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May 19

The 5th Sunday of Easter

This week we celebrate the Fifth Sunday of Easter. The First Reading gives us a “picture” of the disciples traveling and spreading the message of Jesus to all – even the Gentiles!  As many people became believers the disciples realized that they needed to build “structure” so that people in each town or village...
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May 12

The 4th Sunday of Easter

This week we celebrate the Fourth Sunday of Easter. The image of the Good Shepherd portrays Jesus as knowing his “sheep” and caring for them.  We are the “sheep” who hear his message and believe in eternal life.  What a gift we have been given! Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers (living & deceased),...
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May 5

The 3rd Sunday of Easter

This week we celebrate the Third Sunday of Easter. The Easter journey of faith continues – where are we in our gratefulness for the gift of Jesus? The Apostles were uncertain in the Gospel and returned to their “old” way of life – fishing - until the Risen Lord appeared to them on the shore and wanted to share breakfast...
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Notes from Nancy

Thoughts and announcements from our Pastoral Director, Nancy Woodcock. Please leave any questions in the comments.