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The 6th Sunday of Easter

May 26, 2019

This week we celebrate the Sixth Sunday of Easter.   The First Reading contains the most pressing issue of the early Faith Communities – do Gentiles need to become Jews in order to follow Jesus? The newly formed structure of Church decides that Gentile believers must observe dietary laws, avoid idolatry, and marriage is prohibited within certain degrees of kinship.  Circumcision is not a requirement.  The decision allows the Disciples to continue to share the Gospel message of Jesus to all!

The Gospel has Jesus telling the Apostles that they will receive the Holy Spirit which will give them many gifts to continue on with His Mission.  The Holy Spirit is within each one of us – guiding our decisions and our lives and allowing us to achieve peace in our lives.  What a marvelous sense of love and peace it brings to our inner souls.  Take time…

This week-end we celebrate Memorial Day.  A day that was begun by mothers visiting the graves of their sons – regardless of which side of the Confederate War they fought on.  Today we honor the dead within our country, family, and communities.  Take time to reflect on how the lives of others have affected our lives…  There will be a Mass at 8:30 a.m. at St. Mary Parish.  Perhaps you can attend and remember all who have gone before us…



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