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The 4th Sunday of Advent

This week we celebrate the Fourth Sunday of Advent. Matthew’s Gospel has an account of the birth of Jesus from Joseph’s perspective.  When the angel appeared to Joseph in a dream he knew what he was to do and did it.  He care for Mary and Jesus, also known as Emmanuel – meaning “God with us.”  We are called to be transformed in holiness – we are God’s children!

Throughout the last few days of Advent and the Christmas Season we experience our hearts filled with longing for our loved ones who have gone home to God.  Time does not diminish the feelings we have for them. We treasure the memories that we have and can be filled with moments of sadness and joy when we think of them.

May each one of you experience the love and peace of the Christ Child as we gather together to celebrate the joy of Christmas and allow the peace of Christ to permeate our hearts!  Remember to take time to pray and reflect…

Merry Christmas!



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