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The 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today we celebrate the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time. Jesus invites the would-be disciples to join him while they are doing the regular jobs – just everyday “stuff.”  They are not meditating or on a mountain top – no – they are casting their nets into the sea.          Jesus invites us each day in our lives – we may not even be aware of it yet some day at some time we need to respond to His invitation.  Have we?  When will we?  Should we wait until we are in High School? Married?  Have children?  Have our education completed?  Have the mortgage paid off?  Have the vehicle of our dreams?  When will we respond?  Does it have to be as life-changing as leaving our “nets” and going with Jesus?                              Can we stay in our lives and “squeeze” out an hour or two a week or month to serve God through others?  Maybe we get our feet “wet” by wiping the pews?  Maybe we begin to take Catechist Training now so that when the Pandemic is over we can instruct children or adults? Maybe we inquire about Minister of the Eucharist Training so we can visit the Hospital, Homebound or Laurels when the Pandemic ends? Maybe we are staying home to be safe – can we pray for Essential and Health Care Workers each day? Maybe we step out of our comfort zone and hear the invitation of Jesus but are not sure HOW to respond…                                       Take time to HEAR the invitation – it is coming…  Are we ready??? We cannot miss it as Jesus keeps asking. No one is ever “ready” to respond – we just “do it” and are filled with a sense of completion and wonder and awe that we have never experienced before in our lives.                                       PRAY!  RESPOND! EXPERIENCE! REJOICE! 


Notes from Nancy

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