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The 16th Sunday of Ordinary Time

This week we celebrate the 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time. Matthew’s Gospel utilizes the Parables of Jesus to touch our minds and hearts.  The image of ourselves as the seeds - planted, nurtured, harvested along with the weeds – gives us pause – we exist in a world filled with good and evil.  We choose how to live and the people that surround us either nourish us or provide us with companions that lead us astray. 

Are we “yeast” to others?  Do we provide kindness through our actions and allow others to flourish?  Eucharist provides the “yeast” to nourish us and share our faith with others.  Take time to reflect…

The last few months have been difficult for many of us as we stayed home to protect ourselves and others.   Many are weary and yet we must remain steadfast so that Covid-19 does not affect our health.  As we experience the Pandemic let us take time to pray for others and follow the directions (wear mask, wash our hands, and social distance) which will help all of us to be safe.

All students (High School & recent graduates) are invited to attend an Activity Based discussion on PEACE – the end project will be 2 Peace Poles that the students will design and paint.  They will be installed on the grounds of each parish.  Interested?  Come and participate!


Notes from Nancy

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