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The 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

July 14, 2019

This week we celebrate the 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time.  The Gospel of the Good Samaritan is a parable we have heard before.  What we may not know is that it was a heroic action on the part of the man who arranged to care for the Samaritan.  At that time in history people did not care for each other unless they were of the same cultural or ethnic background.  Jesus’ message – “You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart…and your neighbor as yourself” – is demonstrated in this parable & essential in our daily living. 

The parable is a challenge to the prejudice that we may hold (consciously or unconsciously) within our hearts.  It is also an excellent example of mercy towards all.  Take time to pray & reflect on how our understanding of obeying the commandment can be changed.

Many of you have been participating in Building Strong Catholic Families.  It is important to emphasize that this process is to strengthen the existing families that are present – regardless of the age of the family – in our parishes. It is not a criticism on anyone’s family life.                                                        I am always amazed at the strong ties of family and community that exist, along with a deep Catholic Faith, and are demonstrated in both parishes through love, care, and actions! The blessings of faith, love, and trust, along with how families are drawn together to celebrate the goodness of life and the sadness that life brings never ceases to amaze me.  You are the AMAZING People of God & very blessed!




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